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Horror in High Fantasy — Malkuthe Highwind

Malkuthe Highwind is here again with a bit of a scatter-brained take on the matter of horror in High Fantasy and why it’s a bit more difficult to insert horror into High Fantasy stories than one might think. If you like his … Continue reading

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Horror as Subgenre in Epic Fantasy – Elan Samuel

Elan is back this month with another meandering post about feelings. This time, about how horror makes an excellent subgenre for epic fantasy, using a specific example from the Wheel of Time. If you like Elan’s words, read more of … Continue reading

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Crazy for Cthulhu – Kant stand Kreuger

Today I have the pleasure of welcoming back a regular contributor to the EFW gang, Sean F. Gallagher. Sean is going to pick up the topic of adding horror elements to your fantasy story that Rayne Hall kicked off at the … Continue reading

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