Educational nonfiction

Since 2016, John has contributed courses to the online learning platform Highbrow. He has produced several of these courses in audio on the platform Listenable. Highbrow and Listenable deliver courses in 10 lessons, 1 lesson a day. They have more than 300 courses, by experts in many fields, and each course you sign up for, you can look forward to a 5-minute lesson in your inbox each morning.

John’s courses cover many topics — habits, productivity, time management, journaling, meditation, diet, longevity, sleep, wealth, publishing, nonfiction books, and more. He has so many courses, if you tried to take them all, it would keep your inbox full for half a year.

John keeps writing these courses and is presently working on his 22nd course — “Mastering Your Relationships”. He has several more proposed courses, and plans to write on wars, monarchy, and more lifestyle-related topics.