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Mixing Genres: An Important Writer’s Tool — Melissa Berg

Author Melissa Berg is back with a look at how mixing genres can be an invaluable tool that every writer should have. She will look at three ways different stories have used this technique. If you like Melissa’s article, you can read … Continue reading

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The Conflicted Heart of a True Anti-hero – by Melissa Berg

What is it about the anti-hero that we love so much? Today on EFW, author Melissa Berg looks at what makes an anti-hero and why this type of character’s journey is so compelling both to read and to write. Want more … Continue reading

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Invocation of the Muse – by Melissa Berg, Plus Some Great Music to Inspire Great Writing!

Today, author Melissa Berg returns to talk about the Muse! What do you use to get inspired? Below, Melissa will call upon those mystic Goddesses to help you find your Muse, while sharing some of her favorite music. What does she … Continue reading

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Andrew Wood — War: Poor Man’s Duty, Rich Man’s Game

War is often an integral part of a fantasy novel, whether it be a conflict between neighboring nations, an invasion by demonic hordes, or even within a single man’s heart. It is a simple thing to write about men throwing … Continue reading

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Byron Gillan — An Argument for Brevity

Today, author Byron Gillan adds to the discussion about the two main types of fight scenes: Sword fights and epic battles. To read more by Byron, go HERE.  “He dreamt an old dream, of three knights in white cloaks, and a tower long … Continue reading

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Atmosphere of Culture – by Melissa Berg

Today, author Melissa Berg returns to talk about creating an atmosphere for your fantasy novel that is real and immersive. Want to know why real experiences are essential? Read on to find out how just one past experience gave her … Continue reading

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One Guide to Creating a World

As good as a plot may be, if it takes place in simple world or the world offers nothing new or unique, the story as whole is lacking. This is probably because for the past hundred years we have been … Continue reading

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The 3 LGBTTQ stereotypes that you shouldn’t use in your fantasy novels

If you’re reading this, then chances are that you’re at least considering becoming a writer. So for this month, I want to talk to you people about the common clichés that we writers might use because we simply don’t know otherwise. … Continue reading

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World Builders — Elan Samuel

Welcome to another great installment of World Builders! Today I’m happy to welcome Elan Samuel, author of the near future scifi book, One. By day, Elan Samuel is a writer and editor for an advertising technologies company in San Francisco. … Continue reading

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