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The 5 things I learned about writing characters ‘playing God’ (by watching Jurassic park) — by Yicheng Liu

Hello readers, This week we are going to talk about the overall theme of fictional characters in your stories playing God, or YOU playing God as a writer. This complex topic doesn’t appear a lot and I generally don’t get … Continue reading

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The 3 LGBTTQ stereotypes that you shouldn’t use in your fantasy novels

If you’re reading this, then chances are that you’re at least considering becoming a writer. So for this month, I want to talk to you people about the common clichés that we writers might use because we simply don’t know otherwise. … Continue reading

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How Your New Year Traditions Came to Be, by Yicheng Liu

Hello everyone. First of all: Happy new year! New year is the beginning of all things fun, exciting and wonderfully traditional. The ancient people rank truth based on whichever story is best relayed over some ale and a folksy campfire, … Continue reading

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World Builders — Yicheng Liu

Today everything comes round circle. Yicheng Liu, my guest today, is the Inkshares author through whom I’d say the collaborative excitement — and this series as it’s come to be — began. Yicheng Liu is a guy who sadistically enjoys … Continue reading

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