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Today, we enter the world of Andrew Wood, author of Storm of Fury, which just recently reached funding for the Quill imprint on Inkshares!

Andrew WoodAndrew Wood is an 18 year old, recent high school graduate with a love of writing and a dream of becoming a published author. He first began writing during elementary school, with short stories. He wrote three novels during high school, one of which was for National Novel Writing Month. Now, with his fourth novel complete, he is ready to publish.




Now, prepare yourself to enter Andrew’s world of Lantrelia!

Geography and Nature: the big picture

Overall geography: Lantrelia is divided into two major continents, along with several large islands. The largest continent is called Far, and the smaller is Stormvault. The heart of civilization is located on Far, which is a gentle, prosperous land. But across the great ocean of the Expanse, Stormvault is where humanity makes its stand against the eternal storm that threatens them.

johnrobinwall33Special features that makes your world unique, exotic, or strange:

There is little on Far that humanity has not modernized, and so Stormvault is home to some of the last wild places on Lantrelia. Monsters from the Fury have become ingrained in mankind’s culture, and many old creatures roam the ancient forests or deep waters.

Magic and how it is defined in your world:

Even the greatest Lantrelian minds have trouble defining magic, and the best explanation they’ve discovered is that magic is the lifeblood of Lantrelia itself. Magic is the fuel that sparks life, and it binds creation together. Death is the absence of magic, as is rot and destruction. Sorcerers can harness the magic that inhabits all things and use that energy to create works of wonder.

Races and cultures: your world and its people

Races or dominant species:

Humanity is the only intelligent species native to Lantrelia. However, the monsters of the Fury, constructs of pure rage, have exhibited signs of intelligence.

Features of races or species that make your world familiar:

There are many animals that exist in Lantrelia as well as our own, these mainly consist of livestock such as cattle, sheep and pigs. Other domestic animals exist, such as dogs, cats and wild animals like wolves. However, many of Lantrelia’s animals have perished long ago.

Cultural expressions that are quite different from our own:

Slavery does not exist at all in Lantrelia, and in fact the thought of such a thing would be a perversion among Lantrelians. War is also a massive part of humanity’s lifestyle, and most children begin training with the sword at the age of six. Religion is also a huge factor in Lantrelia, and it governs every action a man might take. Heretics are very few and far between, and the rate of crime on Stormvault is very low. On Far, however, where the Fury isn’t a constant reminder of their god’s wrath, men tend to be more lax in their faith.

Politics and origin: how the world is knit together

What are some of your major nations?

There are four major nations that rule in Lantrelia; Fulminos, Regelia, Stormgarde and Venedeis.

How do different nations or territories interact? Are there outstanding disputes? If there is unity, how is it maintained?

The Four Kingdoms are allied, and they have been for hundreds of years. On Stormvault, unity is maintained by the constant war against the Fury and the kingdoms work together in order to avoid being overrun. The monarchies of the Kingdoms tend to rule from Stormvault, simply because of how much precedence is set on the storm, even though the majority of the kingdoms are set in Far. In Far, where the eternal war is nothing more than news, the alliance between the kingdoms is less visible. Feudal lords dispute over territory and undermine the authority of their absent rulers. The kingdoms here also guard their secrets jealously.

How does the world economy work?

Lantrelia’s economy fairs well, and the kingdoms are virtually identical in terms of wealth. Poverty is also very low, as most men are soldiers, who are some of the most well paid individuals in the world. Coinage exists in the form of the silver mark and the gold mark, with two silvers to one gold.

What is the overall history on which the present world is built?

The war against the Fury is all. It seems that the storm has always existed, and it will remain until the wrath of their god has been satisfied. Oddly, very little history extends beyond the last four thousand years, giving some scholars the belief that this is when Lantrelia was created. Other scholars are dubious of this.

People and groups: social organization in your world

Tell us about the major societies of your world and overall social organization:

The Four Kingdoms each have their own unique society and social order…

Regelians are a sturdy people, and they specialize in archeology, scientific advancement and industry. They are also well known for their love of alcohol.

Stormgardians are a strong, powerful people that value the war against the Fury above everything else. In Stormgarde, dieing in the Fury is the greatest of honors.

Fulminites are dark-skinned men, who specialize in the art of espionage and stealth. They make the finest of weapons and the finest of assassins.

Venedecians are a pale folk, not viewed as powerful or physically impressive. But, they are masters of magic, and their knowledge of Lantrelia’s lifeblood is unsurpassed.

What about class systems and social hierarchies?

Regelia and Venedeis are both ruled by a single monarchy, a Queen and a King respectively.  Stormgarde has a King who rules from Far, and a Regent-Lord of nearly equal power who governs in Stormvault. Fulminos is ruled by parliament known as the Council of Shadows. The Church of Na’lek is also an important part of Lantrelian hierarchies. Each town and city has at least one church within it, and major cities might have dozens. Each church has at least one Priest, who helps guide the people to the path of redemption.

Religions, language, and recreation: expressions of your world’s people

johnrobinwall35What are your dominant faiths, beliefs, and religions?

Every man knows and fears Na’lek, the great and vengeful god of Lantrelia. The Church exists to bridge the gap between the people and Na’lek. The Priests read from the Tomes of Regret, scripture, and help people to atone for their sins. The Church is governed by the sixteen Zealots, four for each kingdom. The Zealots are in direct communication with Na’lek himself, and they inform the people of his almighty decrees. The rulers of the kingdoms often call upon the Zealots for council.

What are you major languages? How extensively have you worked your languages out?

Lantrelia has only one language, which is the common tongue. There is an Ancient Script, a relic from a lost time, but it only exists in written form.

Do you have unique styles of architecture?

On Stormvault, buildings are limited single stories and instead have multiple basements.  If they were any taller, they would be at risk of the Fury’s lightning.

What kind of sports or recreation have you invented?

Duelling is regarded as a gentleman’s sport, and there are several formal rituals and event surrounding them.

Have you invented feasts, holidays?

A major holiday is the annual, two-week long Feast of Na’ekmul, which commemorates the men and women who have died fighting the Fury. It is celebrated all across Lantrelia, and on Far it is wildly anticipated.

Want to know more about Andrew’s world? Why not enter it by pre-ordering a copy of his book, Storm of Fury.

Andrew Wood Cover

Lantrelia is a world that is under siege, but not by any mortal foe. Angered by humanity’s many sins, the terrible god Na’lek has manifested his Fury in the shape of a mighty storm. Now, the fate of this war-torn world rests in the hands of Kaven, who is best known for walking face-first into a door. Given the opportunity to redeem himself, Kaven dares confront Na’lek and perhaps save the world as well.





“A wonderfully immersive example of what epic fantasy should be. Whether describing the fury of a divinely created storm, the horror of monsters and titans, or the love of pastries shared by father and son soldiers it does so in a fast paced but highly detailed way. It will leave you wanting to know more about what are both highly developed characters and a highly detailed world. I can’t wait to read the entire book.”

Thomas J. Arnold


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