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Today I’d like to welcome another new addition to our contributor crew for EFW. K.E. Madsen, author of Silver Eyes. While I’m on that topic, Silver Eyes actually just  launched on Inkshares — check it out HERE and while you’re there, why not pre-order a copy to help Kate hit her funding goal!

As September wraps up, Kate continues the discussion on genre mixing from Melissa’s post earlier this week (catch that one HERE in case you missed it). 

There has never been clear separation of genres. From the beginning, writers have mixed genres to make their novels more complex and appeal to more of the audience. Comedies are never only comedies, romantic novels are never always romantic novels; and so forth. Despite this long time mixing of genres, there are still categories books are placed in. Now, of course there can be novels that have larger leanings towards a specific genre, but that doesn’t mean that the novel should only go in one category.

Movies have helped create a wider range of mixing of genres. Even Disney has blended fantasy with other genres. Treasure Planet is a great mix of science fiction, fantasy, and revival of an older novel (Treasure Island in case anyone didn’t know). Another example is the upcoming movie Moana. The movie brings a fantasy element alongside traditional Polynesian mythology and beliefs. It also helps that it’s a kid’s movie as well.

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As a reader and a writer myself looking at the base genre of fantasy, I’ve read novels that have other genres blended in. Anne McCaffrey is a clear mixture of science fiction and fantasy. Her world of Pern is both magical and space travel. Of course who could forget Terry Pratchett, who blends fantasy, humor, and the wonderful world of his DiscWorld books.

6558152Hawksmaid: The Untold Story of Robin Hood and Maid Marian, was a book I found. This novel is a blending of historical fiction and fantasy. Written from Marian’s point of view, she is raised to take care of falcons by her Father and in turn can see through their eyes. The elements of history and fantasy work well together.

147843The Green Rider mixes a bit of paranormal magic with fantasy. The novel starts off with Karigan G’ladheon stumbling upon a dying Green Rider, who are messengers to the King. This novel takes the reader on a wild ride with Karigan who is now a Green Rider herself, appointed by the dying Green Rider who made her promise to deliver the message he kept. The paranormal elements are when Karigan uses magic to delve into the past and see past events.

wrinkle4A Wrinkle in Time is a classic for fantasy and science fiction. It’s extremely well known as a novel and a series. The movie isn’t as well known, but it helps clarify the science fiction elements in the novel.

Writers should continue to blend genres and make new and interesting novels. This can help bring fresh ideas out and create more novels. Fantasy is a great genre and can be brought into other genres, such as horror, adventure, science fiction, and even modern themes.



13267810_2800512810319_5534884262946542508_n   K.E. Madsen grew up as an avid reader and lover of fantasy. She’s written stories for most of her life and is the author of Silver Eyes, currently funding on Inkshares. K.E. is almost finished with a two year degree from Kirkwood Community College and plans to transfer to a four year institution for a B.A. She lives with three cats, two lizards, and two betta fish in Iowa.

Connect with Kate on Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/writer.K.E.Madsen/?ref=aymt_homepage_panel

Follow her on Twitter: @K_E_Madsen

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  1. John Robin says:

    Thanks for sharing some of your influences, Kate. Amazing how there are just so many books that are not clear-cut fantasy, and yet they make the fantasy richer. Wrinkle in Time is on my reading list, I’ve heard great things about that book!

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