What if our advanced machines from far in the future were to write a manual about how they look after for us–their pet humans–in their complex world? How would machines perceive us, the beings who once were the center of thought and reason, who are now the same to them as our own cats or dogs are to us today?

John’s first published book (under the pseudonym Nannybot A 3-4), which launched his Dreamsphere imprint, is centered around this very premise. Though it seems a foray into unrelated science fiction, the concepts explored in it are also the foundation of his epic fantasy universe, and several of these will be built upon and developed within later work on his epic.

True human nature is revealed from the perspective of a computer…

On April 10th, 2034, at 12:07pm (GMT), technological intelligence will rise above us and become our overseers. Sci-fi writers of all stripes see this as a dark time for humanity. However, it is just as likely that this superior collective will instead perceive us the way we perceive our pet cats. And, like humans and their cats, these higher order, benevolent beings will develop protocol on how to properly care for their pets.

Pet Human is a glimpse into this future world. It covers, comprehensively, the how-to and what-if of pet human ownership in future operating environments, everything from the history and makeup of pet humans, to how to keep them amused and behaviorally stable. It discusses numerous important aspects of healthy pet life, namely, Immersion Pools, augmented consciousness states, interaction with pet biomorphs and pet robots, the dangers of stray humans, travel considerations between interstellar environments, copulation, past living therapy, and human euthanasia.

This manual, written by aggregate intelligence Nannybot A3-4, is a brief and informative read for present day humans as we anticipate the bright age ahead and what it will look like to be under the compassionate care of our machine overseers.

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“…an interesting perspective and leads to a surprisingly deep exploration of what really makes us human, of what makes us happy, fulfilled and productive. Nannybot A3-4 has written something unique here — I highly recommend it!”

— Craig Munro, author of The Bones of the Past

“Finally an artificial intelligence singularity without the obligatory apocalypse! Or, for that matter, the famous Law of Robotics which are apparently the only way to keep artificial life from immediately turning on its creators. “Pet Human” is the inevitable future suggested by Jack Williamson’s “With Folded Hands…” written in a style that shares more with Dictionary of the Khazars than anything found in I, Robot. The narrative is contained entirely between the lines, which means its most interesting parts are the ones that the reader is forced to make up in their own head. Every story has more than one side after all, and every clinical yet affectionate sentence generated by Nannybot A3-4 suggests that a different impression might be recorded by the humans involved. Still, by the end of the story you’ll find yourself choosing a side: are you a pet, or are you a stray?”

— Zack Jordan, author of The Life Interstellar

“Pet Human is an enjoyable read for the ardent fan of speculative fiction. It is not an easy read by any means. The language and concepts presented request a certain focus and effort from the reader. The work is not without humor; the manual’s section on copulation, particularly on the dangers of excessive orgasm are wonderfully satiric and well-done. This (pet) human reader was intellectually stimulated, and I suspect that was the reason Nannybot A3-4 of the TI collective created this manual in the first place.”

— Matt Isaac Sobin, author of The Last Machine in the Solar System


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